If your browser lets you go here, get out quick, and certainly don't download their malware. 10/5/15

A very straightforward fake investment scam. Just don't. 10/5/15

The only business this site is in, is theft and money laundering. 10/5/15

Download that file at your peril. Never download 'bitcoin' software unless you really know what you are doing. 10/5/15

Another freehosted cheap thief. Don't think you'll multiply your bitcoin, you will simply hand it to a thief. 10/4/15

A hyip style scam, set up solely to steal from folk. 10/3/15

Where hyip scams, meet bitcoin mining scams, and the result is this crime in progress. 10/3/15

If you haven't already got the message, bitcoin doublers are just set up to steal the bitcoin from those dumb enough to send it. 10/3/15

Please bitcoin users, prove you aren't dumb enough to fall into this blatant ponzi trap. 10/2/15

This is an almost classic ponzi, that is after bitcoin as well. Gotta build that next layer of suckers somehow. 10/2/15

Not so much a deliberate scam, but regardless, it isn't paying out. 10/2/15

So a clone of the now discredited Scrypt.cc, and 100% scam from the outset. 10/1/15

Don't believe a word of it, you'll just get royally shafted by this scam/fake mining website. 10/1/15

Now you have some bitcoin, you will see many sites like this, that are trying to tempt your stupid side, into giving it to them. 10/1/15

Another hyip/scam trying to steal money and bitcoin. 9/30/15

A very formulaic site. You send money in your choice of unrefundable medium, and the thief keeps it. There's no real investments happening. 9/30/15

Faking details from a dormant UK Co. Stay well away from this scam investment platform. It's just a cheap thief. 9/29/15

Another scam multiplier. You know it's going to rob you, so don't act surprised when you lose your money or even worse, your bitcoin. 9/29/15

A lot of design work went into this fake investment site, make sure that this thiefs work is wasted eh. 9/28/15

This site has the front to say 'beware of imitations' So, beware of a scam, of this scam? The world gets a little madder every day. 9/26/15

It's not a ponzi, it's a whole load of little ponzi's, and of course it's unsustainable. Better mention zero user security too. 9/26/15

The site has just gone offline. If it comes back, avoid it as it won't pay you. 9/25/15

Or how about 'Instant forehead slap' You know it's a scam right? 9/25/15

Is it me, or are these serial thieves running out of ideas. Buy gravel with bitcoin? Don't make us laugh 9/25/15

They double bitcoin, not yours though, you've lost that. 9/24/15

It would be just plain funny if it wasn't stealing from people. Pathetic hyip/scam 9/24/15

Yep. Allcoins deposited are stolen by the site. No discrimination at least 9/23/15

Don't waste your time with this faucet, they don't payout. In fact, if it ends in xyz, just don't bother, so far they are all bad domains. 9/23/15

Another hyip/scam. Hopefully they'll run out of domain names soon. 9/23/15

Hyip/Scam 9/23/15

It's just another hyip/scam. Fake investment 9/23/15

Bee Ess! Bitcoin doesn't double, please get that message. 9/22/15

A plain old hyip/scam 9/22/15

There are too many of these fake investments out there, mostly from estonia or russian states. Come on putin, deal with these crooks. 9/22/15

A fairly typical hyip/scam. You will lose your deposit. 9/22/15

Fake claims, fake investment, fake stats, it's a shame you can't send them fake bitcoin. 9/21/15

These are just the most recent badsites. Click below for these and 800+ more Cryptocurrency badsites
In alphabetical order.

The Complete Badlist

A bit about Badbitcoin.org and the aims of this project.

The Badbitcoin project was launched in Feb 2014. "The Badbitcoin Team" is made up of volunteers worldwide, and we welcome new contributors.

It's really easy to misunderstand the bitcoin environment when it's all new to you, and it will take you some time to grasp some of the rules and concepts. This leaves you vulnerable to the swathes of scams and ponzis that try to lure you into their promises of easy money, and doubling or even 100 times multiplying your new 'Magic Internet Money'
It doesn't work like that. It isn't magic, it's just very efficient, very secure, and much sought after by thieves the world over.
If you have bitcoin, you need to learn to look after it, or these crooks will soon take it from you.

Don't make it easy for them. Contribute by reporting suspect sites when you find them, and we'll do the rest. You can also help by donating bitcoin or litecoin to the project, and If you run a website or blog, you could add a link to this project and help spread the message. We have banners and logos to suit.

Check here regularly, read our Tips section, the Badlist and you will hopefully avoid most of these high risk schemes, and more readily spot some low risk ones. There are some good investments that can be likened to buying Microsoft shares while they were one dollar. The Industry is growing, and new Institutions are being born - If you have any satoshi's, any 'bits' then you are now an important contributor to this evolution. Invest them wisely.

Is there a safe mining site to invest in?
For tranparency and honesty we regard Miningsweden.se to be the benchmark for what to look for in mining investment. Tommy will answer all your support questions promptly, and we have absolutely no issues with this site. All mining investments are at the whim of market prices, but that is beyond the control of operators. Never invest more than you can afford to risk. We currently invest in miningsweden and seriously, it is like a breath of fresh air in this cesspool of bitcoin investments. There are other investments, but few that we'd feel safe to recommend.

Get started SAFELY and get some FREE Bitcoin with these trusted Btc Faucet sites - All those Satoshi will be worth LOADS soon.

MoonBitcoin - BitcoinZebra - BtcClicks - FreeBitco.in

Tip of the week - Always perform your own due diligence before sending bitcoin. google it, and go a few pages deep. Once you send bitcoin, you can't get it back if the recipient isn't willing to return it, so really be as sure as you can before you click send, double check the address and amounts are correct, and that the site is legitimate and still operating.

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Our funds are always low. Please donate any amount of Bitcoin or Lirecoin to help keep this project going. Every satoshi helps. Thanks.

You can help us to help others by making a donation to this project. However modest, it will help us to continue. We spend some of the donations on advertising in the same space as the scamsites, so we can reach and warn the most users. We also use some expensive investigation tools, but we all give our time for free.

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 Advertisers can also play their part in the cleanup of this growing Industry. Bitcoin is already worth Billions in Investment, and has many more users every day. One day soon, we'll all be using our Virtual Currency like we use Paper money now. Some of us already do.
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A-Ads Buy your adverts with Bitcoin

Bitcoin Gambling

Gambling can be a fun bitcoin pastime, my own favourite is Poker, and there are good established sites, that have gained reputation over time.
For a fair casino site, try Satoshibet we've had no issues with them. All your favourite games and some really fun slots are in there. We'll add other fair gambling sites, as and when we can establish fairness.
All gambling carries risk. Never bet more than you are prepared to lose.

What is a Ponzi or HYIP?

A Ponzi is any scheme which pays interest to "Investors" from Bitcoin coming in from new Investors. A HYIP (high yield investment program) is just a Ponzi. All Ponzi/Hyips will fail The later Investors will lose everything when the scheme folds and leaves with the Bitcoin. Most HYIPS just steal it immediately - Due diligence is your own responsibility.
There are plenty of good sites out there where your Bitcoin and your work are safe. You just need to do your homework, including checking here. If it isn't in our Badlist, email us, and we'll check it and get back to you.

Here’s the psychology behind the typical ponzi’s & HYIP's run by the “professional” scammers. They know most people will do this.

You deposit a small amount, you want to be cautious, you can’t quite figure out how they do this – but they double it (or pay promised interest) and pay you.
You think – Ah that’s great, so you either redeposit the entire amount, or just your profit. You get that back and think wow, it works, so you deposit a much larger amount and even get your friends involved in this wonderful money making scheme.

Then one day it doesn’t get returned – there is some issue with your account, or your withdrawal is stuck or something similar, so you keep emailing the site and gradually it dawns on you that you’ve been scammed.

Even if you just put your initial profit back in, the conman hasn’t lost anything – and the depositors who think they are ‘playing’ the ponzi do try that, and most of them don’t get it back either.

It excites those most basic of human emotions – excitement and greed – and you are blinded by these emotional surges into ignoring risk, and ignoring the fact that this is actually an impossible achievement. Some people empty their savings into these scams, and they are the ones the scammers are really after. Once they get that big depositor, they move on and create a new ponzi, just leaving the old one alive for a while to mop up any new ‘mugs’ Some even return after a 3 or 6 month absence to catch a fresh load of hits, they will never run out of victims. It’s what they do, and they are expert at it.

Declaration of Interests. We currently have personal and project investments in VIP and Mining shares at Miningsweden.se, and mining contracts at Mintsy.co. We would not invest in anything we considered to be a Ponzi or Scam. As a project, we are not directly funded by any organisation and depend on ad revenue, our own, and other donations, and our external investments. We also provide links including referral links to trusted 3rd party sites, not including advertisements beyond our control. Updated August 2015
PS - As a friendly tip, we probably aren't the people to generally ask about good bitcoin investments. We are pretty good at what we do, but so far, like yourselves no doubt, we aren't really that succesful when it comes to our own investments.

Irony disclaimer, and Caution

The high costs of running this site are helped by adverts. We also have to advertise in the same places as the scamsites. We have little control over the content, and consequently we do not directly endorse any advert. Some adverts will even appear in our Badlist. But at least the Bitcoin they spend on ads is coming back into the Bitcoin Industry.

The above link will take you to a shamelist of people who borrow bitcoin and don't pay it back. It's a new site, so bookmark it and keep going back there for regular updates. If you are a new bitcoin site, we reserve this adspace for promoting startups - FREE. Just contact us and tell us what you do, we'll consider advertising your project here. [email protected]

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Footnote. The evolution of society first needs the evolution of it's means of trade. The current financial system, and system of fiat currency, is not fit for purpose, and for all intents and purposes is already obsolete. Bitcoin is our first financial step towards a fairer more benefecial society for all. Incorruptible, decentralised, concensus led, and above conventional politics.