These damn hyip/frauds. If they leave bitcoin alone - we will leave them alone. 5/1/16
Did somebody just fart? 5/1/16
Another 'off the shelf' scam doubler. 5/1/16
Their Investment Strategy is this. They put up a website, you send them bitcoin, they keep it. 5/1/16
A very ostentatious design, but just a fraud. 4/30/16
More of the same old, from the hyip fraudsters. 4/30/16
This entire fkn site is a bit of a hash. Total scam. 4/30/16
Another 'viral ad' site that makes you think you are somehow in business. You aren't, it's just a ponzi set up. 4/30/16
Yes they do, they gain your bitcoin. 4/29/16
And that's where your btc is headed. 4/29/16

Ads by Adsense
2 more related frauds. 4/29/16
You ain't fooling anybody with this unoriginal fraud. 4/29/16
Bitcoin does not double. It isn't magic, these sites are just there to catch those fools who believe it can. 4/29/16
The silliest hyip/fraud you may ever see. 4/29/16
Well, who wants a floppy fond. Just a hyip/fraud. 4/28/16
A multiplicity of multipliers doesn't make them real. They are all frauds, as is this one. 4/28/16
Your btc will go down in flames if you send it to this fraudster. 4/28/16
The bitwealth hyip/fraud renamed. 4/28/16
Yep. It's a fraud doubler. These are like Mr Smiths, they are everywhere. 4/28/16
That's where your bitcoin will [email protected] off to. 4/27/16
Well waddya know, another scam doubler. 4/27/16
A poxy doubler fraud. 4/27/16
All multipliers are frauds, this is no exception. 4/27/16
Anybody want to buy a used Nova? 1 lady owner fsh. 4/27/16
A hyip/fraud 4/27/16
Add this to the bucketload of scam doublers. 4/26/16
Lose up to 100% per deposit into this fake mining scam. 4/26/16
They make 100%, you lose 100%. Clear enough? 4/26/16
Another doubler fraud. Why? 4/26/16
If they can mine multiple altcoins on 2yr old Antminer USB's then they are truly remarkable. 4/26/16
Welcome to the Hotel California. 4/26/16
Just a fraud. 4/26/16
This gets a vote of No Confidence. It's just a Confidence Trickster. 4/26/16

 These are just the most recent badsites. Click below for these and more Cryptocurrency badsites
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The complete Badlist

We want Bitcoin & The Blockchain to be a successful evolution in the way we trade, bank and exchange contracts, and so we aren't going to let a load of scammers and cheap thieves endanger this movement. Bitcoin, simply put, is a store of value, however, the blockchain it is carried on changes everything.
Start learning about it safely.

The Badbitcoin project was launched in Feb 2014. "The Badbitcoin Team" is made up of volunteers worldwide, and we welcome new contributors and sponsors.

You may read negative comments about this project, but this is the scammers only route to fight back, and a great many of these scammers are the same people who are Senior, and Gold members of forums. Forums relating to bitcoin are the best source of conflicting information ever invented, which is why we keep it plain and simple, we tell you it's a badsite, and thats all you need to know.

It's really easy to misunderstand the bitcoin environment when it's all new to you, and it will take you some time to grasp some of the rules and concepts. This leaves you vulnerable to the swathes of scams and ponzis that try to lure you into their promises of easy money, and doubling or even 100 times multiplying your new 'Magic Internet Money'
It doesn't work like that. It isn't magic, it's just very efficient, very secure, and much sought after by thieves the world over.
If you have bitcoin, you need to learn to look after it, or these crooks will soon take it from you.

Don't make it easy for them. Contribute by reporting suspect sites when you find them, and we'll do the rest. You can also help by donating bitcoin or litecoin to the project, and If you run a website or blog, you could add a link to this project and help spread the message. We have banners and logos to suit.

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Tip of the week - There IS smoke without fire.
The approach used by 'hyip' and 'doubler' scams is quite simple, and akin to distributing leaflets. They expect a very small response, but as the sites cost virtually nothing to put up, they put up a lot of them, and that fools many people into thinking that 'there must be something to it'.
There isn't. If you send bitcoin, you are just saving someone the trouble of mugging you.

To report Internet Fraud to IC3  - Click Here
To report Internet Fraud to the FBI anonymously -
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What is a Ponzi or HYIP?

A Ponzi is any scheme which pays interest to "Investors" from Bitcoin coming in from new Investors. A HYIP (high yield investment program) is just a Ponzi. All Ponzi/Hyips will fail The later Investors will lose everything when the scheme folds and leaves with the Bitcoin. Most HYIPS just steal it immediately - Due diligence is your own responsibility.
There are plenty of good sites out there where your Bitcoin and your work are safe. You just need to do your homework, including checking here. If it isn't in our Badlist, email us, and we'll check it and get back to you.

Here’s the psychology behind the typical ponzi’s & HYIP's run by the “professional” scammers. They know most people will do this.

You deposit a small amount, you want to be cautious, you can’t quite figure out how they do this – but they sometimes double it (or pay promised interest) and pay you. Many pay a few
You think – Ah that’s great, so you either redeposit the entire amount, or just your profit. You get that back and think wow, it works, so you deposit a much larger amount and in the worst case, even get your friends involved in this wonderful money making scheme.

Then one day it doesn’t get returned – there is some issue with your account, or your withdrawal is stuck or something similar, so you keep emailing the site and gradually it dawns on you that you’ve been scammed.

Even if you just put your initial profit back in, the conman hasn’t lost anything – and the depositors who think they are ‘playing’ the ponzi do try that, and most of them don’t get it back either.

Some people empty their savings into these scams, and they are the ones the scammers are really after. Once they get that big depositor, they move on and create a new ponzi, just leaving the old one alive for a while to mop up any new ‘mugs’ Some even return after a 3 or 6 month absence to catch a fresh load of hits, they will never run out of victims. It’s what they do, and they are expert at it.

Declaration of Interests. We currently have personal and project investments in Bitcoin VIP and Mining shares at, and Ethereum mining shares at Genesis Mining. We would not invest in anything we considered to be a Ponzi or Scam. As a project, we are not directly funded by any organisation and depend on ad revenue, our own, and other donations, and our external investments. We also provide links including referral links to trusted 3rd party sites, not including advertisements beyond our control. Updated August 2015
PS - As a friendly tip, we probably aren't the people to generally ask about good bitcoin investments. We are pretty good at what we do, but so far, like yourselves no doubt, we aren't really that succesful when it comes to our own investments. Mintsy being our latest fail.

Irony disclaimer, and Caution

The high costs of running this site are helped by adverts. We also have to advertise in the same places as the scamsites. We have little control over the content, and consequently we do not directly endorse any advert. Some adverts will even appear in our Badlist. But at least the Bitcoin they spend on ads is coming back into the Bitcoin Industry. Trust Seal

Footnote. The evolution of society beyond the demise of the failed capitalist neo-liberal experiment, first needs the evolution of it's means of trade and exchange. The current financial system, and system of fiat currency, is not fit for present or future purpose, and for all intents and purposes is already obsolete. Bitcoin is our first financial step towards a fairer, more benefecial society for all. Bitcoin is incorruptible, decentralised, concensus led, and above the influence of conventional politics and economics. A parallel currency with which you can begin to trade, and no middleman to take their slice or to gamble with your asset. When you deposit money to a Bank, it becomes the Banks property to do with what they choose, bitcoin is different, and you are your own Bank. It is up to you to take care of your bitcoin, and also to use it, not hoard it, and to be an important part of helping to build this fair and open global society. Bitcoin is worth what somebody is prepared to exchange it for, be that USD, Yuan, PC-hardware, Webhosting or anything that 'money' might buy. You can even get a bitcoin Debit Card. However, the bitcoin Blockchain, and it's potential is a much much bigger subject.