Are you a "Good Actor" ?
Have we listed you incorrectly?

When submitting any request for verification, include the Site Name

Email us directly from your domain address. This is important as we cannot accept any appeal that is not sent from the domain. It could be impersonation. Please  include your contact details, and a member of our organisation will respond with any specific information on what proof we would require, in order to remove your individual site from our listings. We reserve the right to continue to list, or to relist any scheme where the existing evidence prevails.

We would normally need to establish as minimum, the contact name/address of the individual or organisation running the scheme, and that this corresponds with the site registrant, a landline contact number, or in the case of Cloud Mining, that the mining equipment exists. If we have already established that a site is making unfounded or impossible claims, we would also need some evidence that those claims can actually be met.
This is not unreasonable. If you are asking people for money or Bitcoin. They have a right to know that you are not completely anonymous if it all goes wrong, and they consequently suffer loss.
Any information submitted to us is treated in the strictest confidence. See our Privacy Statement We aren't the fed's - we are just here to protect Bitcoin.

As the old saying goes
"If it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck, swims like a duck
and quacks like a duck - it's probably a duck"

Note - We will never make or demand any charge, or unreasonable demand for verification for removal from this site. The aims of this project are to protect Bitcoin Users, to support the 'Good Players', and to help the Startups in this emerging Industry to get it right.
You are not obliged to supply any information
equally, we are not obliged to de-list your site.


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